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We Take Pride in Our Work, We Do it Right!



Our Quality Policy


 Our Company’s goal is to be a benchmark fabricator and integrator for structural, sheet metal assemblies and fuselage components for commercial and military aircraft. WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK, WE DO IT RIGHT! Our work complies with all customers’ requirements and specification and fulfills all Federal, State and Local Statutory ruling and regulations.


Our Objectives     


 USMA consists of motivated and talented employees committed to excellence in all aspects of our business as a respected provider of aerospace and aircraft parts. Our goal is to continually improve our processes by improving our efficiency and reliability as a fabricator, manufacturer, welder, and assembler of aerospace and aircraft parts. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, maintaining respectability in our community, and using our assets to earn a fair and reasonable return on our investments.  Our goals will be achieved through a total commitment to our performance and continuous process improvements by all USM Aerostructures employees. Our measurement of our success will be determined by total customer satisfaction, zero customer complaints, a fair and reasonable return on our investments, and continued sustained growth. USMA Management shall ensure the quality policy and objectives, including those needed to meet the requirements for products, is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization through training and auditing of our Quality System procedures.


Quality Certification


  For many years, USM Aerostructures Quality Management System was certified directly by the OEM’s (Boeing, Sikorsky, etc.); however, for the last ten years the OEM has delegated the approval processes to third party Quality Registrars such as Dekra or NADCAP. Since 2005 USM Aerostructures hold certifications to AS9100: (D) Quality Management System, and AS7100 (latest revision) Fusion Welding for Aerospace from Dekra and NADCAP respectively. Presently we are on a three (3) year certification program with a yearly maintenance audit process for both AS9100: (D) and AS7100 certifications.

Note to customers:

Our Certifications  (AS9100: (D), ISO9001 and NadCAP) are only related to work done at our 74 W 6th St. Main facility. No certified work is done at our commercial facility at 259 W 6th St.

Quality & Our Suppliers
 Partnerships with Suppliers – USMA depends on its suppliers to be successful – so, we value them as partners. We seek out and support suppliers who value and promote partnership arrangements with their customers. We recognize the importance of timely and sustained communication with our suppliers to achieve a successful long-term business relationship
Quality Flow-Down to Our Suppliers
 The success of our business is derived from the success of our suppliers and their commitment to provide us with the required quality for their products and services; we maintain a strict control in the procedures and the quality system of our suppliers and we flow-down to all our suppliers all the quality requirements imposed onto us by our customers. We only use suppliers that are properly certified to the International Standards (AS9100: D) and/or to the NadCAP Standards.


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