Our Plants are strategically located three-to-four drive-hours from major hub cities such as New York City (NY), Elizabeth (NJ), Philadelphia (PA), Pittsburgh (PA), and Boston (MA).

 We operate two (2) manufacturing facilities (one facility is certified to AS9100 for aerospace work and the second is not certified to AS9100 and is used for commercial work only)  with combined manufacturing space of over 40,000. Square Feet; we utilize state-of-the-art equipment throughout our facilities and employ the best professionals in our business. Our non-smoking facilities are manned and operated by highly motivated individuals; we are nimble and quick to react to you needs and requirements.

 We have additional layout space available as per individual need of our customers; please give us a call with your requirements and we will be glad to provide you with a solution to your manufacturing needs!


3 & 4 Axis CNC Milling & Turning


 Our facility is equipped with late-model CNC milling and live-tooling turning machines that are capable of producing close-tolerance parts for any critical application; we can manufacture structural members (longerons, etc.) to 23 feet in length or small high-tolerance machined parts with the greatest quality and attention to detail.

 Our Model Base Definition (MBD) Quality Process is capable of handling all your master datasets from quoting and conception to the final product using a variety of software formats such as CATIA, SolidWorks, PCDMIS.  When applicable, acceptance of the product is performed with direct interface between CMM and CATIA or SolidWorks platforms.


Sheet Metal Components


  Our sheet metal cells are able to fabricate a wide variety of shape and sizes of aerospace components and/or hybrid assemblies; we can break-form sheet metal members of up to 10 feet long, or we can  manufacture the proper set of dies to meet your contour requirements for any desired sheet metal part. We work with most aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and Steel & Stainless Steel Alloys. 


Assembly and Modules Integration


 With over 70-years of combined-accumulated aerospace experience, our professional machinists, assemblers, mechanics, and integrators are capable of meticulous assembly of large and complex modules (100 + hybrid components) for your fuselage, aircraft structural, or aircraft interior part requirements.

 Most of our complex assemblies are totally fabricated in house and have a variety of hybrid components manufacturer at our CNC milling or turning cells,  at our sheet metal cells, or at our tool & die cell. Depending on your requirements, we can integrate modules using rivets, bolts, bonding, spot-weld, or any other fastening process required by your specification.

 All special processes, except fusion welding, are conducted at Customer’s approved and NADCAP certified houses.


Special process -Fusion Welding for Aerospace (SAE-AS7003)


  Our aerospace fusion welding cell is fully supported by a complete manufacturing facility; our fusion welding for aerospace process is duly certified by NadCAP with a three year certification program with yearly maintenance audits conducted by fall of each year. We can weld Aluminum alloys, carbon steel alloys, and stainless steel alloys; a courtesy fluorescent penetrant inspection is conducted on all welded components prior to other certified processes.


Tool & Die Work


 A fully staffed Tool & Die Cell is capable of taking die project from your design to fabrication and maintenance of small and large die sets. 

 We manufacture die sets for hot forming of titanium alloys – with special provisions for heating elements and material expansions – or we can manufacture your dies for cold forming of other alloys.

 All our tool and die sets could be provided with a full set of engineering drawings, including CATIA or SolidWork 3D-models, with dimensions as required by the customer.


Commercial Metal Manufacturing


  • Sheet metal forming, punching and stamping.

  • Welding

  • Tool & Die Work


 We work with a wide range of Aluminum Alloys, Carbon Steel Alloys, Stainless Steel Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Copper & Bronze Alloys, Inconel and other specialized alloys, engineering plastics and other non-metallic compounds such as rubber, Phenolic, Plexiglas, Fiberglass, Lexan, etc.

 Please call us with your specific material requirements and we will be glad to help you select or source your material requirements.

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