Our company’s history dates back some thirty years, many of those years supporting the local industries and OEMs with process equipment manufacturing and maintenance; spare parts fabrications;  and tool and die manufacturing and maintenance.

 Over the years, as our nation’s economy transformed and manufactures sourced their product or moved entirely overseas, we refocused our expertise and knowledge into servicing a challenging and highly competitive global Aerospace Industry. We are proud of this fact and strive to produce the highest quality of aerospace components right here in the U.S.A.!

 USM Aerostructures also operates a highly productive commercial division, providing the following services: pressing, stamping, punching, forming, and welding; for a variety of industries such as architectural decoration, industrial kitchen appliances, and industrial overhead doors.




 USM Aerostructures services the aerospace industry at all tier, from the OEM to the 3-tier small contractor or, in some cases, the end-user of the aircraft. We proudly support customer like the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), The Boeing Company, Sikorsky, AgustaWestland (Finmeccanica), Spirit Aerospace, L3 Crestview Aerospace, Middle River Aircraft Systems, IMP Aerospace Components, Metalcraft Technologies, Jamco Aerospace, Triumph Aerospace, Avtron, Fleet Canada, Ability Metal, B/E Aerospace, JA Reinhardt,  etc.

 The services we provide to this industry include, but is not limited to: aerospace structural components and assemblies; fuselage components and assemblies; avionics support structures, assemblies and modules; tool & die  manufacturing and maintenance.




 USM Aerostructures is also proud to support the commercial industry with a range of parts and components for a diversity of applications. Among some of the products, we provide are:

  • Welded components and assemblies for industrial kitchen appliances for the fast food industry

  • Stainless Steel components for industrial kitchen appliances for restaurants and kitchens across America

  • Steel components for industrial overhead doors systems

  • Stainless Steel architectural components for the construction industry

  • We provide stamping, punching, forming, drawing, welding, bending for a diversity of consumer-oriented products.

 We invest the same dedication, care for detail, and high quality to make these commercial-oriented products as we do with our highly sophisticated aerospace-oriented products.


 We are very proud of making high-quality parts in the USA! USM Aerostructures recognizes that our success derives from the people we employ; we appreciate each and every one of our members for his/her contributions, dedications and professionalism. Every one of our team member is a master of his/her trait; our craftsmen, mechanics, machinists, assemblers, engineers, drafters, programmers, and administrators, all of us collectively, WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK, WE DO IT RIGHT!

 All of us at USM Aerostructures have a single purpose in mind that is to serve our customer; a happy and successful customer is the key to our own success!

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