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In memory of Gonzalo Rojas Martines

July 20 2015


                        WE LOVE YOU GONZA!!

USMA is partnering with Equilibrium Spine & Cranial Center

July 2015


Our people, our best resource! We constantly strive to improve the wellbeing of our team members; in addition to offering a 100% company-paid Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Short-term and Long-term disability insurance, USMA wants to be sure that all its members are pro-active and fully engaged with their own health management process.

No amount of medical insurance can substitute a good measure of preventive care, exercise, good diet habits, some common sense heath tips, and a natural drug-free proactive methods to improve one’s health.

This is why USMA is partnering with Equilibrium Spine & Cranial Center and Dr. Gregory Petruzzi, its founder and CEO. Dr. Pretruzzi, a doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, has served his patients for the last 13 years – in four different countries – as a health consultant and chiropractic doctor providing no-nonsense health advice and a unique low-force chiropractic methods. In addition, Dr. Pretruzzi is an expert personal trainer, weight loss trainer, and holds certifications in spinal stabilization rehab and auriclo-therapy.

Dr. Petruzzi comes on site once or twice a month and holds 30-60 minutes sessions with each interested employee.

We are sure that in the long-run, his advice and his no-nonsense preventive health care methods will greatly improve our employee’s quality of life, give them back lost energy, and help them regain the strength of their youth.

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